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This layout is not alive any more. It was built between 1980 to 2006. Sadly tard down in February 2007.

Welcome to Malmhamn-Mållösa Jernvägs AB ( MMJ ) and Wilseleda-Bära Jernväg ( WBJ )
- a piece of the railway history in scale 1:87

Malmö Modelljärnvägsklubb was founded in 1980. The railway contains three different railway companies and two tracks owned by factories:

The layout represents the southern part of Sweden on a sunny August day in the early 1950´s.

MMJ is the main railway. MMJ starts in the town of Malmhamn where there is a passenger train station and tracks for freight trains. On the harbour there is a concrete factory . MMJ runs both steam locos and some diesel locos. The line from Malmhamn passes Limö on its way to MMJ´s final destination in Wilseleda. There is a connection to SJ in Limö, which also has a furniture factory. From Limö the MMJ line leads to the little of village Wilseleda. Here MMJ connects to WBJ so the station has both normal and narrow gauges. Several businesses are located in Wilseleda, including a petrol station, post office, grocery store and brewery, as well as the MMJK newspaper--the Wilseleda Enahanda.

SJ, the government-owned railway,has a loop design and connects to MMJ at the Limö station. The SJ line is the only part of the layout that is electrified.

WBJ has a narrow gauge, 891 mm, the most common Swedish narrow gauge. The line runs between Wilseleda and Bära. In Wilseleda cargo can be unloaded from MMJ and transported to the harbour in the little town of Bära. Between Wilseleda and Bära WBJ passes Törkemåla, which has a quarry, now shut down. Between Wilseleda and Törkemåla there is a sawmill.

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