Some pictures from 2019.


Z43  219 with freght train. Foto by Anders Göth

Z43 219 with freight train. Builder Martin Göth and photo by Anders Göth

Z4p 314 and waggon Fp 33 leaving Törkemåla staton. Photo by Anders Göth.

T41 200 with passenger train. Builder Martin & Anders Göth. Photo by Martin Göth.

A freight train from north of Sweden sunddenly showed up in the south. TGOJ steam train littra M3b with "some" irone waggons type M2 and M3.

The waggons are buildt by Ola Ahlström. Photo Bengt Nylén.

Sb 1308 with passanger train. Builder and photo Bengt Nylén.

Mållösa Övre with narrow gauge 891 mm. The "new" track with 1435 mm between Wilseleda och Mållösa passing in front. Photo Bengt Nylén

Part between Wilseleda och Mållösa. Photo Bengt Nylén.

Ra 847 with passanger train. Ra 847 was delivered to SJ 1955. Photo Bengt.

The train arrives to Mållösa. Photo Bengt.


B 1083 with passanger train on its way from station Wilseleda. Photo Bengt.