DCC Information and advice

A locomotive decoder can be programmed from a hand-held controller, however from our experience we recommend the following.

You can buy a Interface type Sprog 2. See http://www.sprog-dcc.co.uk/  Install the JMRI, program it and you are ready to go. It’s much easier to make the programing this way than to use the hand held controller.

Follow this link to JMRI. This is developed by model railroaders in the United States, is one of the best and is free of charge.

Here is a link to a good website describing how to use JMRI.

If you wish to use the sound decoders from CT-Elektronik (Tran) you can get more information here .

Here some links to the manufacturers of DCC and NMRA.

NMRA DCC Standard. http://www.nmra.org/standards/DCC/index.html

  Lenz Elektronik http://www.digital-plus.de/

Zimo http://www.zimo.at/

Uhlenbrock Elektronik. http://www.uhlenbrock.de/

Elektronic Solutions Ulm. http://www.esu.eu/ One of the best for sound decoders.

CT Elektronik (also called TRAN - named after the inventor) http://www.tran.at/ They also make good quality and cheaper sound decoders than ESU.